MXK8 Business Expense Management Solution

We will be launching MXK8 business expense card program which will provide our customers with cutting edge corporate spending and expense management solution.


MXK8 is the easy way to manage your company’s spending and expenses. We will be providing the following cards for your business:

  • l  Business Expense Cards

     Supercharge Your Business with MXK8 All-In-One Expense Cards

     An all-in-one business expense card helps reduce overhead and administration by eliminating the need for multiple types of 

     cards, such as p-cards, fuel cards, or travel and expense cards. When using MKX8’s all-in-one card, companies can create

     profiles for every employee and set controls for how they will use their card.

  • l  Virtual Cards

     Virtual Cards Extend the Power of Your MXK8 Account

     MXK8’s Virtual Card is everything you need – more security, more speed, and more scalability – backed by a support team 

     that helps you grow. MXK8’s virtual cards are instantly generated and stored online in your

     account, ready for use as soon as they are created. You can set detailed spending limits on these virtual cards

     the same way you do with MXK8 physical cards. Retrieve virtual card information online for one-off online 

     purchases, add custom controls to cards for recurring payments, or share unique card numbers with different 

     billers for better tracking-the possibilities are endless!

Supercharge your business with MXK8

  • Proactively manage how, when, and where your employees spend company funds

  • Empower employees to do their jobs without extending more spending power than they need

  • Manage your spending and expenses all on one platform

  • MXK8 is built for small and midsize companies looking to grow their businesses while protecting their cash

MXK8 Business Expense Card Program is now under development. We expect

to launch in April. Please check back our website to stay

informed. Thank you for being our customers.


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