Check the mail anytime and anywhere!

Online mailbox design affordable and simple, carefree! Manage your email 24/7, 365 days a year!

Everything is under control - you have complete control of your mail, we scan each envelope and you tell us what to do!

Physical street addresses - we provide real physical street addresses instead of p.o. boxes to give you a more professional image.

Global online access - as long as you have access to the Internet, you can access your online mailbox anywhere in the world.

No worries about privacy - your email will enter our security facilities under 24/7 monitoring instead of staying in roadside mailboxes.

We scan your mail!

Open scan - request to scan email content and view in PDF format!
Mail forwarding - keep your digital scan permanently in your account and provide you with a physical copy anytime, anywhere!
Application integration - integration sends your PDF to services like Evernote,, Google Drive, and Dropbox!
Email notifications - we will send you an email each time you receive a new email and a task is completed.
Unlimited cloud storage - scan mail and PDF for unlimited cloud storage!
Tag feature - use keywords to tag messages in your inbox so you can easily search and retrieve digital messages.
Apps - access your online mailbox or use our mobile website via Android and iOS Apps.

Check Deposit

Package forwarding - receive packages from amazon and other companies and we will forward them to you!
Batch scan - receive a batch scan package once a month to scan documents, receipts, etc. into your mailbox!
Check deposit service - receiving a check in the mail? We will mail your check directly to your bank for deposit!
Quick document scan - with quick scan, you can receive envelope contents in minutes!
Folders - create and sort messages into folders to keep them organized while traveling.
No Trash! - we will help you eliminate spam so that you can only receive the mail you want in your mailbox!
Customer service - live customer support via phone, online chat and email 7 days a week!

See what else your online mailbox can do!

1. Mail forwarding

Your mail can be forwarded to you anywhere in the world, and we will also handle customs matters!

We charge postage + $5 per shipment (not per item) for mailing, we will integrate your mail into one shipment for free!

We offer multiple delivery services, so you can choose to have your mail delivered overnight!

2. Send mails and checks

Mail letters - using online mail, you can now mail mail directly from anywhere in the world from your online mail box! No more stamps, paper, and the trouble of going to and from the post office. Let's get all the work done!

Mail a check - using an online mailbox, you can let us mail a check to any vendor on your behalf to pay your bills easily, no matter where you are. We even keep a history of all the checks you pay!

3. Batch scanning

ScanPAK is our bulk scan service, which includes USPS priority flat rate envelopes that we mail directly to you, which you can use to place loose documents, receipts, invoices and any scannable information. After you have put your document in your envelope, you just need to give it to the postman and the envelope will be returned to us. Upon receipt, we will scan the loose documents into your online mailbox. You can categorize documents into folders, categorize receipts, and so on!

4. Send and receive faxes

Need to send or receive a fax? Online mailbox can meet your needs. As our value-added service, customers can access free fax Numbers. This fax line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Please ensure that the sender of the fax contains the cover and your name and four-digit email number so that we can identify the fax you receive. After receiving the fax, we will upload it to your online mailbox. Do I need to send a fax? You can do this directly from the Online Mailbox Portal.

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